The Tib3rius Institute for Cybersecurity is a hub for all courses created and taught by Tib3rius, a web application penetration tester, twitch streamer, content creator, tool developer, and industry veteran.

Tib3rius is most well known for his AutoRecon tool, which has helped countless students pass their OSCP exam. He also developed one of the most popular buffer overflow practice rooms on TryHackMe.

During his OSCP studies, Tib3rius realized that there were no dedicated courses for Privilege Escalation, and determined to create one to help future students. In the end, he created two: one for Linux, and one for Windows. Both have over 10k students on the Udemy platform, with average ratings of 4.7+ out of 5.

These courses are available now on this platform, with an upcoming web application penetration course planned for release by the end of 2022.